WCSH-6 My Dunkin’ My Community Spot

Always love when you get backed by a big partner–in this case Dunkin’ Donuts sharing their air time with building awareness for the CF Foundation. And, you have to love when you see your kiddo on TV helping to spread the word. Check in out:

Play 15 sec spot

Play 30 sec spot

The Great Strides walk is coming up on May 17th. Get involved now and be a part of changing the future for Trevor and all those living with CF!

Click here to register for the Great Strides walk. #CureCF

Dunkin’ Donuts WCSH-6 Maine Community Spots

Keep your eyes open during the month of April when watching WCSH-6. They will be running a spot to raise awareness for the CF Foundation. The gentlemen the station sent to work with us were lovely and it was fun to see how things are made for TV. We can’t wait to see how they can possibly edit down all the footage they shot into a 30 second spot. Pictured below are Jeff & Kyle at Kittery Dunkin’ Donuts and in our kitchen.


The Epic Man Is Almost Upon Us!

Ooh, we’re getting giddy, it’s EPIC MAN season in these here parts!

Team Trevor will be biting off a big hunk ‘a EPIC this year–we’re going full EPIC relay-style.


Olivia will do something before the first leg of the bike. Easter Epic means that they kayak place is closed. The Epic group has yet to determine what substitution activity will cover for the kayak leg. Next up Durval and Christie to pedal from Portland to Portsmouth. The overnight mega-leg on bike will be Isaac & Max. Then on April 21 a group of 6 (plus a surprise running practice for a group of Babe Ruthers, shhh, don’t tell them, it’s a secret) will pound out 26.2 miles throughout Kittery and Eliot.

And, Seth and Will, the original Epic Men, made the news…here it is. HERE


GO EPIC. Inspire. Be inspired. (and cure cf!)

EPIC Olivia

Olivia is third from the left. Go Olivia!

Fellow Kittery Mom, Olivia Lord, will be doing an EPIC thing to help cure CF on April 15th thru the 16th…that’s right, over 24 hours of EPICness…

She will be kayaking from Peak’s Island to Portland, ME., cycling from Portland to Portsmouth where she’ll host a party at the Trek store to benefit TEAM TREVOR! Then, she’ll cycle through the night to Hopkinton, MA where the infamous Boston Marathon begins. As if all that isn’t enough, she will then run the Boston Marathon. On no sleep. After 160 miles of travel-by-body. Full 26.2. EPIC indeed!

Follow her travails here  OLIVIA

Thank you to Olivia and her family for doing EPIC good deeds to help Trevor and the 30,000 other people who live with CF daily….

An Interview with Trevor

The CF Foundation is spotlighting various teams from around the country who participate in their Great Strides Walk. As you know, we do the walk each year and are lucky enough to have many family & friends join us. The CFF is featuring Trevor in their most recent article.

Link to article here.