Olivia is third from the left. Go Olivia!

Fellow Kittery Mom, Olivia Lord, will be doing an EPIC thing to help cure CF on April 15th thru the 16th…that’s right, over 24 hours of EPICness…

She will be kayaking from Peak’s Island to Portland, ME., cycling from Portland to Portsmouth where she’ll host a party at the Trek store to benefit TEAM TREVOR! Then, she’ll cycle through the night to Hopkinton, MA where the infamous Boston Marathon begins. As if all that isn’t enough, she will then run the Boston Marathon. On no sleep. After 160 miles of travel-by-body. Full 26.2. EPIC indeed!

Follow her travails here  OLIVIA

Thank you to Olivia and her family for doing EPIC good deeds to help Trevor and the 30,000 other people who live with CF daily….

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  1. I love Team Trevor, and every single person who has backed CF research thru the years, and those just becoming Team Trevor in 2012 .

    I am in awe of Olivia Lords huge heart and wonderfully compliant, and athletic body. And I will be cheering her every stroke, pedal, step as she becomes officially EPIC. In my mind she has been epic all along. Hope you have tail winds the whole way. hugs and ove. Mere-Z

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