Happy New Year TT Nation! We hope you’ve had a prosperous 2016 and that 2017 will be full of wonder and greatness for you.

As we enter 2017 we know that the CF fight is far from over for people like Trevor and our friend Patrick Robinson. They are heterozygous CFers. Trevor will be waiting for revolutionary new CF meds for a long time, heteros are one of the last groups to be helped. And because of Trevor’s super-rare mutation combo there is no chance of big/small pharma studying new drugs in his mutation combo.

Patrick has been fighting CF longer than Trevor. New cutting-edge meds did not get made in time for Patrick to benefit from them–he is now waiting for new lungs because CF is as powerful as the ocean. Please take a moment to savor good health because it is a gift worth appreciating. Hoping Patrick gets the most lovely pair of lungs very, very soon.

Happy New Year!

We appreciate all you do to help Team Trevor!

#BeatCF #waitingforlungs


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