Kittery Battle of the Badges!

You read that right…a battle of our town’s finest–the Kittery Police Department versus the Kittery Fire Department in a game of ultimate basketball!

Join us on Thursday, March 16th at 6:30pm at Traip Academy. $10 gets you entrance and your choice of Police or Fire colored event t-shirt. Cheer for your team!

Giant thanks to all involved for putting this together–it’s going to be a BLAST!

For event t-shirt sponsorship please email Christie at

police fire tshirt

Happy 2017!

Happy New Year TT Nation! We hope you’ve had a prosperous 2016 and that 2017 will be full of wonder and greatness for you.

As we enter 2017 we know that the CF fight is far from over for people like Trevor and our friend Patrick Robinson. They are heterozygous CFers. Trevor will be waiting for revolutionary new CF meds for a long time, heteros are one of the last groups to be helped. And because of Trevor’s super-rare mutation combo there is no chance of big/small pharma studying new drugs in his mutation combo.

Patrick has been fighting CF longer than Trevor. New cutting-edge meds did not get made in time for Patrick to benefit from them–he is now waiting for new lungs because CF is as powerful as the ocean. Please take a moment to savor good health because it is a gift worth appreciating. Hoping Patrick gets the most lovely pair of lungs very, very soon.

Happy New Year!

We appreciate all you do to help Team Trevor!

#BeatCF #waitingforlungs


May is CF Awareness Month!

thank you pic

Happy May is CF Awareness Month–

Today’s important information is this:

We are at 1216 Facebook likes. The last time we asked for your help getting more likes (which helps us tell more people about Trevor and life with CF) you all stepped up and helped propel us up over 1200 likes.

Today I’d make the same ask plus one: share us and donate, if you can. Why? Because the older a person with CF gets the more difficult maintaining healthy lungs becomes. More hours spent doing breathing treatments, more hours spent doing chest PT, more pills taken to combat infections, more trips to MGH to see the pros. Just more. The older I get the more I want to swear about this because I cannot believe we are still stuck with major progress for Trevor. Yet we are.

So, let’s raise some awareness. Let’s raise some donations for research. We are determined to make this happen. Insert swears here.

Visit to like us and to donate. We thank you tons.

What a long, strange trip it’s been…February Update

picc place
MGH Picc Placement 2015, Picc pulled 9 weeks later









What has Team Trevor HQ been up to you ask? Well let me tell you about it…

Do you remember what you were doing on December 2nd 2015? It was six days after Thanksgiving, there was Christmas music playing, lists were being made, there was lots to do. I cannot believe that this medical saga has been going on since then.

Trevor was in the hospital for 12 days. We didn’t know he was going to be tethered for this long so we let them put the PICC line in his dominant arm. He soldiered through sinus surgery on day 8 of his incarceration. Remember his throat being messed up for the following week after surgery? Yup, that also happened and it feels like a million years ago.

We had meds delivered every week from the compounding company. A nurse came by every week to take vitals and change the PICC dressing. An IV pole stood sentry in the kitchen this entire time. It has now been moved to the attic.

We went to MGH for rechecks 4 times. We said goodbye to 2015 and hello to 2016. It feels like a million years have passed. Hiss PICC line got pulled on February 1st. Only 24 days ago. Time stood still for 9 weeks.

Trevor endured 106 IVs. One hundred and six. We have aged a million years in 9 weeks.

Thank you for supporting us. Enduring this ordeal flanked by family and friends is the only way to go. We know we are fortunate to be held up by you all. And we are so proud of Trevor for his stoicism. We look forward to the day when he can enjoy modern medicine’s miracle meds…

Now that we are playing catch up on life we are looking forward to our upcoming Team Trevor events. Stay tuned for the line up–we always love to see our friends. #BeatCF

And then into the hospital…

Trevor had managed to stay out of the hospital since July of 2014, which is great. However, it appears we waited too long and the bugs have had a chance to take over more real estate. Trevor is now at Mass General being infused with hardcore antibiotics to combat some dastardly bacteria. He is bored. He doesn’t feel well. He’s missing lots of school. And it’s supposed to be the Christmas season. It doesn’t feel very Christmassy.  Between PICC lines and chest PT, IV infusions and rounding doctors, it leaves little time to step back and be grateful for all the good things in life. Sinus surgery is on the docket for the 10th for Trevor. Here’s hoping by then the meds have started working and that the sinus surgery helps reduce the burden on his body. May good health favor you and yours–it really is a gift.

IMG_0684 IMG_0672

WCSH-6 My Dunkin’ My Community Spot

Always love when you get backed by a big partner–in this case Dunkin’ Donuts sharing their air time with building awareness for the CF Foundation. And, you have to love when you see your kiddo on TV helping to spread the word. Check in out:

Play 15 sec spot

Play 30 sec spot

The Great Strides walk is coming up on May 17th. Get involved now and be a part of changing the future for Trevor and all those living with CF!

Click here to register for the Great Strides walk. #CureCF

2015 Team Trevor Events!

A very quick look at what’s in store for 2015’s fun(d)raising events:

EPICman event April 19 & 20
CFF Walk Sunday May 17th
Seacoast Safari Ride July 18 & 19
Team Trevor Golf Classic September 21st

Please contact us for information about any/all of these events.

We aspire to inspire…CURE CF!

Trevor turned 16!
Trevor turned 16!

Happy New Year!


Merry New Year!
Merry New Year!

We are always sentimental this time of year thinking about the incredible help we’ve received from Trevor’s fantastic supporters over the year. We hope you know how much we sincerely appreciate the participation, the donations, and the volunteerism we’ve received.

While I can personally attest that there is nothing more we’d like from Santa than a cure for CF all wrapped up under the tree–we are content and hopeful that good things will happen. In the meantime, we promise not to stop funding the cure.

Happy New Year and may good health and happiness find you and yours!

Gratefully yours,

Trevor, Cooper, Gracie, Christie & Durval Salema


2014 Team Trevor Golf Classic–9/15/14!

Join us on September 15th at the Links at Outlook in scenic South Berwick, ME for this year’s golf outing brought to you by our Title Sponsor, White Diamond Painting!

$150 per player includes 18 holes of golf, a cart, breakfast from Dunkin’ Donuts, box lunch and a catered awards luncheon. We’ll have a longest drive contest, closest to the pin hole, and Vegas holes! We will also have a Hole in One opportunity to win $25K and another Hole in One chance to win a car; courtesy of Foss Motors. As always, there will even be a silent auction, raffles, and tons of fun!

To register please click here. And, remember, we hope to make CF stand for “Cure Found.” Thank you for your ongoing interest and assistance.

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