An Interview with Trevor

The CF Foundation is spotlighting various teams from around the country who participate in their Great Strides Walk. As you know, we do the walk each year and are lucky enough to have many family & friends join us. The CFF is featuring Trevor in their most recent article.

Link to article here.



2011 10th Annual Rock ‘n’ Bowl for CF Band List Released!

Hold your breath no longer~the band list is announced!

Joining us for the 10th Annual Rock ‘n’ Bowl for CF this year are:
Tim McCoy and the Papercuts
Red Sky Mary
Father Nature
Puddles of Joy
Aunt Murgatroid Trio
Eric Ott and the Anxiety

And, this year’s DECADEnt celebration will feature acoustic music outside on the patio from 4pm-7pm. Acoustic performers include:
John Steere, Tim Bickford, Mike O’Neil, Brian Scanlon and, quite possibly, Tim McCoy, Tim Theriault and Leo Ganley!

To Recap:
Patio acoustic performers from 4pm – 7pm
Main stage performances start at 7:10pm until close
Tickets available at the door at Shooter’s Pub, Exeter, NH

Wentworth Charities 2011

Where on earth can you auction a shot stick and it fetches $4,000? Why at the Wentworth Charities Golf Tournament, that’s where!
Notice Durval and Dave on stage with the auctioneer, hawking their prized tournament accoutrement, zee’ Shot Stick.
Lovely people paid $4,000 for said stick. Wow!

Strep What?

Yes, as if starting your summer in the hospital with a clean-out wasn’t enough…poor Mr. T ended a summer vaca trip to RI with Strep throat.

Oh, buggers (get it?!).

More antibiotics for his over burdened body and they will, hopefully, sweep the bugs out so that we can begin summer in earnest. Next up? Probiotics.


Derek Barney, childhood friend and PixelMedia wizard, has been designing and hosting the Team Trevor website since we became fundraising-oriented. Derek has spent considerable time (family time!) rebuilding the website to reflect our need for more social media interaction and Trevor’s changing style (let’s face it, he’s 6 months shy of being a teenager!).

Thank you, Derek, for giving us an html facelift–it’s gorgeous! Now I just have to learn how to use it…don’t expect tons, Team Trevor Army. At least not until school resumes and I can spend some time messing around with this…

Happy New Website Day!