The Epic Man Is Almost Upon Us!

Ooh, we’re getting giddy, it’s EPIC MAN season in these here parts!

Team Trevor will be biting off a big hunk ‘a EPIC this year–we’re going full EPIC relay-style.


Olivia will do something before the first leg of the bike. Easter Epic means that they kayak place is closed. The Epic group has yet to determine what substitution activity will cover for the kayak leg. Next up Durval and Christie to pedal from Portland to Portsmouth. The overnight mega-leg on bike will be Isaac & Max. Then on April 21 a group of 6 (plus a surprise running practice for a group of Babe Ruthers, shhh, don’t tell them, it’s a secret) will pound out 26.2 miles throughout Kittery and Eliot.

And, Seth and Will, the original Epic Men, made the news…here it is. HERE


GO EPIC. Inspire. Be inspired. (and cure cf!)