Surgery Tommorrow!

Part two of the big ONE TWO summer plan is finally happening. You see, in June, Trevor was supposed to have his bronchoscopy and PICC line~then his cleanout (2+ weeks IV antibiotics in hospital and at home). And then he was supposed to have a

bilateral endoscopic maxillary antrostomy, ethmoidectomy, spenoidotomy and possible deviated septum-fixology (sp, hah!)

Part two (above) didn’t happen because it took Trevor a couple of months to get back to baseline after the PICC line, anti-fungals, strep throat, and rest of summer. We are now mid-November and we cannot put it off any longer. Dear boy can’t breathe, can’t blow his nose (it all drips down his throat), oftentimes loses his sense of taste (rude!), and has terrible throat irritation from constant throat clearing.


So, tomorrow we will trek into Boston to see good doc Donald Keamy at Mass Eye and Ear Infirmary. One night at the Ritz, whoops, I mean hospital, and then home on Saturday~if all goes well.