Appy What?

A quick mention that Trevor returned home from the Wentworth Charities Golf event after spending the weekend complaining of a stomach ache. Two ERs later and an ambulance ride to Mass General led to the removal of his appendix. Talk about a crazy finale to an EPIC event. Geesh. Poor guy got to spend several more days in the hospital in an effort to kick start his lungs after general anesthesia. He missed most of the final days of school and goes back to MGH next week for a recheck of both is gut and his lungs. Ah, CF, you little monster…

Wentworth Charities 2011

Where on earth can you auction a shot stick and it fetches $4,000? Why at the Wentworth Charities Golf Tournament, that’s where!
Notice Durval and Dave on stage with the auctioneer, hawking their prized tournament accoutrement, zee’ Shot Stick.
Lovely people paid $4,000 for said stick. Wow!